“Sylvain is a great professionnal with whom I had pleasure working at AOL France. He helped us with efficiency and reactivity in implementing specific advertising integrations on AOL and eBay France.” February 10, 2010

Grégoire Peiron, Agency & Direct Sales Manager, AOL Advertising et aujourd'hui Manager Display and AdExchange partnerships France chez Google

“Sylvain is a very valuable collegue. His very pragmatic mind gives him strong abilities to find quick solutions adapted to means. He has also a comprehensive knowledge of Internet technologies which allows him to understand the whole logic of the environment. He has also managed to build a very efficient and united team working in a very collaborative spirit. I'll miss him as a collegue and wish him the best for the future.” February 1, 2010

Cyrille Frank, Content coordinator for France, AOL

“Sylvain is a very focused technical colleague. While I was managing the SEO strategy in France, he has developped great opportunities for SEO in France such as tag cloud for some AOL channels, vertical search engine... I was also really impressed by his SEO knowledge. Always up to date with Google algorithm. Was really great working with you. I would definitely recommend Sylvain.” January 29, 2010

Rokhaya NDIOUR, Search Marketing Manager, AOL

“I worked with Sylvain for more than a year and found him a perfect blend of technology skills with executable innovation. Very friendly person with an extreme customer focus skills. He is a confident person and flexible whenever and wherever the need has arisen. I would highly recommend him.” January 29, 2010

Jai Prakash Sharma, Senior Technical Manager, AOL

“Sylvain has been really helpfull on many occasions. He knows very well his job and has a lot of great expertises but most of all has a real sense of communications. With good teaching and managerial skills, he understand well and translate into technics one's operational business unit needs. Someone trustable.” January 28, 2010

Vincent TESSIER, Directeur de clientèle, AOL

“Sylvain is a seasoned IT manager, he was instrumental at AOL France to achieve delivery of highly complex Internet & IT projects. Is track record there was just awesome, he was able to coordinate and work efficiently with both local and international resources as well as third party providers and partners. His wide skills comes with a sense of tact and communication enabling him to reach common understanding and make team works in same direction in a smooth and effective way. I do recommend Sylvain for any IT manager position without reserve, and would have pleasure working with him again around new challenging projects.” January 27, 2010

Davy Saunier, Strategic Partnerships Director France, AOL Europe

“Sylvain is an excellent tech lead and delivery manager who is able to juggle multiple stakeholders, new requirements and urgent operational issues calmly and effectively. He's also a thoroughly nice chap to work with.” January 27, 2010

Roger Holmes, Portal Development Manager, AOL et aujourd'hui Head of Software Engineering chez BSkyB

“Fiable, autonome, compétent, on peut vraiment compter sur Sylvain dans les situations les plus difficiles. Son sens du concret et son professionnalisme font de lui un collaborateur des plus précieux en toute situation.” December 6, 2007

François-Emmanuel Piacentini, Program manager, AOL FR Time Warner et aujourd'hui Head of online products department chez Weka

“On peut faire confiance à Sylvain les yeux fermés, il est l'homme de toutes les situations !” November 30, 2007

Pierre Génin, Application Manager, AOL

“Sylvain is the kind of people any Manager in IT / Web portals will hire to second them in different challenges. He has a real and profound knowledge of the market, technologies, methodologies and a big experience in different faces of the IT project management job. Sylvain always put the right proportion between the client and the customer needs, all this in a pleasant relationship and a lot of humility. He is also a good manager appreciated by his team and co-workers. I'm a big fan of his "WebStrat blog" where you can read : "Do it once, do it well. Do things usefull and usable. Make it simple because simplicity is understood by all". I warmly recommend Sylvain and I will greatly appreciate to work with him again on any IT project.” March 2, 2010

Philippe Serrano, Director, Operations & Quality Assurance, AOL France et aujourd'hui IT Manager chez LABCATAL

“Sylvain Lasnier est intervenu en tant que Consultant au sein de la Factory Audience & Digital Services de la DSI d'AOL France a un moment charnière, le business model de la société prenant une orientation forte vers celui de l'Audience, de la régie publicitaire et du développement des services web.

En tant que Directeur Technique de cette Factory, j'avais pour responsabilité de définir un socle technique performant, évolutif, agile pour répondre aux nouvelles exigences de la Direction aussi bien sur le court que le long terme.

Fort de son expérience passée, de ses compétences techniques, de sa capacité à mettre en place une méthodologie de gestion projet adaptée aux contextes de ses clients ainsi que de sa compréhension des enjeux "Métiers" et du monde du (multi)media, c'est rapidement que Sylvain s'est révélé être l'homme de la situation dans la mise en place de process courts et itératifs pour répondre au "Business as Usual" sans pour autant sacrifier la bande passante consacrée aux projets de refonte et de développement de nouveaux sites web.

Son implication, son écoute des clients internes ont permis d'allier réactivité, justesse dans l'analyse des besoins et rigueur dans les demandes continues des équipes commerciales et éditoriales.

La qualité de service des applications dont il a eu la responsabilité a toujours répondu aux objectifs.

Un consultant et une expertise que je recommande fortement.” August 25, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Jocelyn Aubry hired Sylvain as a IT Consultant in 2005 et aujourd'hui VP - Development and Convergence chez SFR SC